A Day At The Spa ... Aaarg.

Wednesday, August 22

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I had planned a bit different post today.
I decided to give my friend ... Blake ... here a day at the Spa.
Well ... if the truth be told ... I took him to the groomer to get the works.

I usually cut and groom him myself ... but I think once in awhile it's good to
have a few of the "extras" done ... that I don't ... or can't do ...
like cutting his nails ... and things of a personal nature.
(We won't go into the details) 
And of course ... Blake wanted to look good for the 
Puppy & Cat Photo Party on Monday.

But a couple hours after Blake got finished ... he started to
have an issue with his eye.  Pretty soon ... one eye was completely closed.

After a quick visit to the vet ... and $150 later ... I was told he had a corneal tumor ... 
which when the vet described it ... was something caused by a scratch to the cornea.

So ... unfortunately ... instead of showing off his new haircut ... poor Blake has to
 spend the next few days in this new necklace.

He is looking a bit better ... but he has to have meds twice a day to the eye  ... yucky!
Luckily though ... we caught it in time.  Evidently ... untreated ... it can lead to
loss of the eye.

The vet couldn't tell me for sure how the eye got scratched ... but I can't help
but wonder if it happened during his haircut ... since the symptoms turned up right
after he got home.

Anyway ... I will give the Spa a call and check it out ... but at least we .... or he ...
is on the road to recovery I hope.
  Clearly ... he's not very happy with his new "ascot".     
Managing the doggy door is kinda tricky too.

I have heard some scary stories about groomers ... so I it's really important ...
as much as is possible ... to check out your local groomers ahead of time.
Most of them are really good ... but it helps to check with your vet or other customers.

Blake's one who always races me to the door when I leave ... wanting to go.
But after today ... one trip to the groomer ... and the next trip to the vet ...
he's having second thoughts about riding with me.

It'll pass.


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Ashley from Life Begins @ 23 said...

I'm so glad my beagles don't need haircuts, just the occasional nail trimming and bath. Poor guy! The critters of Casa 1014 wish him a speedy recovery!

Glow Kouture™ said...

Awww, poor Blake. Hope he gets better soon. I worry about my shi tzu Beau eyes all the time because shi tzu's are known to have constant eye infections.

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