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Wednesday, July 25

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Can you believe how fast the summer is going by?

July is almost over and you know what that means ...
Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats

Soooo ....
get your post ready to link up on   Monday Morning!
You can do a brand new post on Monday ... or link up any post you want.

Of course ... we gotta see the fur babies!!!!!
And hey ... don't forget to tell us their  names  somewhere in the post.
We want to put a name to those sweet faces.

Okay ... the link will open at  12:01 A.M.  this coming  Monday Morning.

The giveaway?

One of these personalized  Etsy Pet Placemats .

I looked high and low for just the right mat for my fur babies.
I wanted something  durable ... not too showy ... and definitely washable.
These durable mats have  latex rubber on the bottom ... so they stay put.

But ... better than that ... you can just hose these babies off if necessary.

Anyway ... one party-goer will win a placemat for their fur baby.
BTW... you can put more than one name or change the colors ... cuz we are ...
adaptable ... 

Anything for the babies.

So ... get ready to link up Monday Morning ... 
and spread the word.

Lov ya ....

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JJ said...

Dexter Morgan is ready for the party! I love the mat. really cute idea.

Jules said...

Jack and Jessi just can't wait....they love their monthly brush with fame! And since I just got them eating on the same tray, they would love that personalized placemat!!!!

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