Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats (Olympic Edition)

Sunday, July 29

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Welcome all you Fur Babies 
to our
Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats
Olympic Edition

Let's dive right into it!
(get it?)
We're really getting into the Olympic spirit here.
You may not know ...  Blake will be
competing in the  3 Meter Diving Competition  later this week.

 Here I am in my new  Team USA Speedo and aerodynamic water cap.

 Note the unique craftsmanship and scientifically designed features.

 Going through my pre-dive rituals.

 Dreaming of Olympic Gold!

 Waiting for the green light from the judges.

Here I go ... downward one and a half with a canine twist ...
followed by a dog paddle to the end of the pool.

Wish me luck!
Check back Tuesday ... to see how my little boy did.


Okay ... Party Time!

First ... a word from the judges...

Here's how to enter:

                        1.     Create a post on your blog with one ... or more photos of your pet.

                        2.     Grab a PUPPY PARTY BUTTON for your site... just add your own link back here.
(Not required ... but sharing is nice:) ...)

                        3.     Submit the URL for your PET POST in the Linky Tool below.
                                *** please don't enter just your website URL...we need the actual pet post URL***

                        4.     Please ... if you would ... follow your host ... oh yeah ... that's me!

                        5.     Finally ...  visit the other submitters and leave them a sweet comment.
                    6.    Oh yes ... make sure you put your pet's name in the post.  

                         **** One randomly chosen partier will win a  
                                .... Personalized Pet Dinner Mat ...

                              Want an  extra chance to win?     
Share our party with a  new fur baby.  If they link up ... 
have them shoot me an email telling me ... you  
      "hooked them up".

Okay .... the time has come .... get to partying! 


  Here is our first Party Puppy ... Mazi.
Mazi's mom Cara doesn't have a blog ... so she emailed me her link.
Thanks cool too!
The party will officially be open for business
Monday morning 12:01 A.M. through Friday 5:00 P.M.

Party on Garth!


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Ashley from Life Begins @ 23 said...

My post is scheduled... just have to remember to link up in the morning! :)

Jenna said...

Go Blake Go! Love your swim cap ! :)

Danette Dillon said...

Blake is so cute. Jackson HATES swimming, but I've tried to make him. He's kind of a scaredy cat.

Cole said...

Can Blake get any cuter?! So adorabe!

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