Organize ... Reorganize ... Organize Again.

Monday, July 16

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Hey from California...
How's summer goin' for y'all?

I've been pretty busy lately working with the elves in my workshop ...
( elves...)
but ... the last couple of days I've found myself running out of gas.

It could be the heat. When it gets hot ... 100+ ... I swim a bit  to cool off ... then I fade fast.
Anyway ... cuz my head just could not think of anything to 
blow your sox off ... I'll show you what I did yesterday .
In fact ... I do it ... and then redo it ... and then redo it quite often.

I can't seem to start anything new ... until the workshop is in order ...
and that usually means a bit of reorganizing.

I always seem to feel there's a better way to display my Etsy Items.
Not that anyone but me sees this room ... but I like to be able to see where everything 
is at a glance ... know how many of each I have.

(Okay ... part of it is cuz I always forget where I put stuff)

I love to use the doll house to display things.
So here's what I've been workin' on lately.

See how I just let you zip through that section.  Too tired to
be my usual clever self ...

(I am clever and witty ...  right?  Right?)

Just to give you a few non-Etsy details....

We're all big Star Wars fans ... I seem to be the repository of all my
kids movie treasures ... well plus old baseball cards ... dolls .... etc.

Bet you've never seen a picture of paint cans ... there's probably a reason for that ....
I really don't know why I'm adding this.  
Maybe I'm trying to be avant garde.
Boring ...

Even after reorganizing I still didn't feel like startn' anything ... I came inside
to my office to play with my toys.
Just updated to the Silhouette Deluxe Edition ... or whatever it's called.
Think I'll try to relax and play with it for awhile.

How's the weather where you are?

Anybody beat 103?

If ya need me I may be out floatin' in the pool ... 
geez .... now what am I gonna post tomorrow?


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Jen said...

Looks good!! I love those wine glasses!

Monica said...

I love how organized you are!

Jessica Jane said...

I'm super jealous that you have access to such a great space. I also loved seeing your work.

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