My Zombie-Free 4th of July...

Sunday, July 8

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Had a great  4th of July  in  San Diego ... 
followed by a quick trip home to a successful Bazaar here at home on Friday.

It was so nice to spend a few days in La Jolla with  Complicated Kai  and her guy  Nick.

As it turns out ... this will be the last month for them in San Diego.  

After 6 years of living in  La Jolla  and the gorgeous surrounding "beachy" areas ...
 they sadly have to more a bit farther north.
Yes ... it is so sad ... now they will be living in  ...  Newport Beach.  
Nick just got an engineering job in the  O.C.  and they will soon be slumming it in
another beach paradise.

Anyway the hubs and myself had a great time .

Tuesday night we all went to see the debut of ... "Spiderman"
FYI ... the   New "Spidey" ...  although I had my doubts ... was ...  awesome!

The morning of the 4th ... my son  Bryn  came down with his girlfriend ...  Erynne.

(BTW... Bryn ... Erynne ... Shea (my oldest son) ... Parker (my sweet baby) and d-in-law, Sarah all live in Newport )

Newport's  about 50 minutes north of  San Diego  ... just a hop ... skip ... and a jump.

We all took off for the beach.  First stop ... lunch in   Pacific Beach.

At the beach we ran into "the ogre" with his supply of hula hoops.

I love "the ogre's"  hand-painted sign ...
Kids ... Women ... Tourists .... No Drunks.  Witches were okay too.  
I guess I was good to go!
 Erynne and I  decided to give the hoops a spin ... so to speak.

 The  3rd of July it was in the 80's  ... but naturally it dropped to   68 on the 4th.

Undaunted ... however ... we were determined to spend a couple hours on the beach.
You can see ...  Erynne  was unfazed by the nippy weather ...
 whereas  I ... of course ...   didn't get out of my sweats.
I look so dashing in my huge sweat pants ... not ... but ... I can still swing my big booty.

I was ... of course ... delighted ...  that after hula-hooping my tush off ... I was now safe from
Zombies  ...  oh and  Vampires.
(Although ... I'm still leaving my window open for Edward)
Thanks ogre.

We capped off the night on the beach in La Jolla watching the fireworks over the water.

A good time was had by all.  A great way to finish up Kai's ... and our ...  San Diego experience.  
I will miss it!

On to the O.C. ... and Newport Beach.

I wonder if I'm safe from Zombies there?

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Monica said...

Looks like you had a blst!!

frikken DUCKIE said...

Umm can we get that hula hooping on video?

Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

LOVE those wine glasses with the polka dots you did! They're adorable!

♥ Duckie.

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