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Thursday, July 26

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We begin our broadcast with a message from our sponsor....

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New post ... old post ... hey ... we love em all.
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Now on to New Business ... 

Last night I was actually checking out my  Pinterest Boards.
I know ... I know ... it's something we probably all don't do enough.
It's amazing how much stuff I forgot I pinned.

So I thought I'd share some of the stuff I had hiding on my
"Clever Ideas Board."

1.  Pick up pet hair using a wet rubber glove.

 The culprit:  dog hair belonging to my grand-pup Hudson.

 Supplies:  One rubber glove ... water.  (These may be hard to find... LOL)

The Result:  Worked pretty well.  Tape works too ... but hey water's free right?

2.  Use Pool Floats to keep your boots upright.

 The Result:  Yup ... it works great.  
Can't say the low cost of the pool floats
is worth it to pamper these ugly Salvation Army finds.

 3.  Use a Pool Float as a base for Wreaths.

The Result:  Absolutarooney.  I use Pool Floats for all my wreaths.

 4.  Scrub your Refrigerator Ice & Water Basin using 
White Vinegar.

The Result:  Didn't want to show you my disgusting ...  er ...  now super clean Refrigerator Basin.
Take my word for it though ... this one works like a charm.

5.  Now this nail polish holder appealed to me. 
 Do you guys juggle (and often spill) your polish?
I decided to order this one today ... so I'll get back to ya with
The Results.

On our show next week ...  do ya think this will work?  
This may have  YouTube  written all over it ... but
I am up to the challenge.
Keep your fingers crossed ... I'll keep my mop handy too.

Seriously ... ya gotta actually check out some of the stuff on your boards ... once-in-while.
Put it on your To-Do List.

Don't forget ... Come to the Party Monday.
Invite a new friend ... get an extra Giveaway Entry.
Grab a button from the the right side ... spread the word!

See ya then ... same Bat Time ... same Bat Channel.

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1 comment:

frikken DUCKIE said...

WHAT! I LOVE THAT IDEA! (the pool floats for boots)

Sorry I've been a horrible follower lately. Just been overwhelmed with work and school (which I still have 4 assignments to catch up on this weekend) that I haven't had much time to read or comment on anyone's blog.

I'll do better, I promise!

And I'm totally going to find me some pool floats to straighten out my boots!

♥ Duckie.

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