Puppy Love Photo Party & Cats #3

Sunday, June 24

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Custom Pet Painting GIVEAWAY!

Welcome all you Fur Ball Fanciers!
It's time to party again.

Puppy Love Photo Party.... & Cats 

Hope this past month has treated you all well ...
no nasty fleas or ticks in your fur.

In case you missed mom's last post ...  here ... today is also the start of
Just in case you were wondering about the picture of me and my bro.
As you can see ... we're kind of a tennis family.

Anyhoo ... also today ... our cousin Hudson ... is visiting us from ...
dum ... da .... da ... dum ....
San Diego.

Hudson is the energizer bunny of ... well of ... dogdom.  We always have a great time
when he's here.  

We also wanted to tell you about this month's  "giveaway."     It's super cool.
I'm hoping I get to pick the winner  ... maybe I"ll  just write a random number in the dirt.
(Who am I kidding ... she  won't let me do that)

Anyway ... these new paintings are going up in mom's  Etsy Shop  today ... and  the winner
will get their "mug" on a canvas painting of their very own.
How sweet is that?

Do ya recognize this handsome bod?

How about this lanky kid?    Of course that's ... who else ... Hudson.

You can check out her  Etsy Shop  to see how to get your own ... if ya don't win.
They come in lots of sizes.  If you do win ... you'll get  a

12 inch  by 16 inch
Silhouette Canvas Painting

Nah ... just kidding ... not  of  me.    We'll give ya more details on Saturday.
Remember ... the 

Party Rocks On til Friday at 5:00

You can link-up anytime between now and then.  

Okay ...
 it's your turn.  Here are a couple of things you need to know first.

Here's how to enter:

                1.     Create a post on your blog with one ... or more photos of your pet.

                2.     Grab a PUPPY PARTY BUTTON for your site.
                3.     Submit the URL for your PET POST in the Linky Tool below.
                               *** please don't enter just your website URL...we need the actual pet post URL***

                4.     Please ... if you would ... follow your host ... oh yeah ... that's me!

                5.     Finally ...  visit the other submitters and leave them a sweet comment.


You may link up  until ... this Friday ...  June 29th ... at 5:00 P.M. PST.

Saturday ... June 30th ... I'll feature some of your babies on my post ...
and announce the  winner  of the giveaway.

***Had an issue earlier with the back link....but hopefully it's fixed.
Let me know if you have any problems. ***

Okay ... you're all set!  Hit the button and  Link Up....

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Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

I am trying to enter my link, but it keeps telling me that there is no backlink. I have your blog linked in, but it when it says I am suppose to have following backlinke: none comes up. :(

Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Here's my post though:

Let me know when linky is working so I can go back and link it.

Anna said...

Tried to link up but for some reason it keeps timing out! =( Here's the link to my post!


JJ said...

Having trouble trying to link up.


Dexter would love a fun canvas of his photo!

Jules said...

Becky, Was having trouble linking up...I am now linked up three times. Can you delete two, please? Sorry for the inconvenience!

Jessica Jane said...

I think I'm all entered! But just in case http://jjlalife.blogspot.com/2012/06/cat-daughter.html

sobuj sharker said...

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