Pet Party Parade and Winner!

Saturday, June 30

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Welcome all you...
 Positively Precious Pet Photo Posters.
Presenting Precocious Puppy & "Ph"eline Pictures 
(That was really awful)

I hope you guys enjoy seeing all these fur babies as much as I do.
It's funny so many of us tend to apologize when we put pictures of our  "kids" on our blogs.  
I hope this monthly party will give you guys an unbridled outlet
for your  pet fantasies.

(No... wait ... that didn't come out right.)

Just know that all of us are pet lovers ...  and it's okay to be a little
"pet-fanatical"  ...   among friends.

On with the Pet Parade.

Just look at these 3 divas!  Do they look like they rule the roost or what?
Kate the Blog Diva  ...  has some beauties here.

Beau you are just a precious fur-ball.  
Kenye @ Glow Kouture ... swears your eyes aren't blue ... but I'm still melting.

Would you look at these two.  Could you deny them anything?
I'm sure   Laura Ann @ The Beginning of Forever  ... has her hands full ... 
but I can't tell if they are tough guys trying to be soft ... or softies trying to look tough.

Cali's showing us what she did this weekend.  Corn on the cob ... excellent choice .
Monopoly ... you are one smart kitty.  I see you must be the banker.
Jessica @ Living the L.A. Life   better not land on Park Place.

Meet ...   Duke Jameson Taylor!
OMG ... this guy definitely is workin' that  long name.
I told   Jessica @ Jessica Who?  ... that I may have to go puppy-nap this guy!

Okay ... tomorrow ... the rest of the  Party Crowd.
For now ... I'm sure you want to know who's mug will be enshrined on canvas.......

All the numbers were put in a dog dish ... and Blake pulled ..........  #8.
( helped a little)

Burley & Rooney ... you guys are the proud winner of a painting featuring ... Blake!
Nah ... just kidding ... I wouldn't part with that picture anyway.
Tell your mom  Laura Ann ... I will be emailing her soon.

Tomorrow more Pet Photos.

I'm soooo glad to see more cats  this month.   Seriously!
I think we should all learn to live in peace & harmony .... yada yada.
Really ... WE LOVE CATS!

I also have a special announcement tomorrow for all of you
who did not win today's giveaway.

So ... good nite ... see ya Sunday.

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Jessica Who? said...

this made me so happy!! i love reading that i'm not the only one who is overly in love with my pet!

P.S. Duke says hi :)

LauraAnn said...

Awe! Thank you so much! I am so excited to get a beautiful painting of my two loveable boys!

Oh, and in response to whether they are two tough boys trying to look soft or two softies trying to look tough. It would definitely be the second. :-) They can be the biggest scaredy cats! Lol

Thank you again!

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