Pet Parade Part 2

Sunday, June 3

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Welcome back to our
Pet Parade Part II

First ... let me again say ...  thank you ....  for partying with us !
Get ready for next month.
Monday ...  June 25th!


Help spread the word ... Grab a Button.
***next month special gift for inviting a new partyier***

Also special congrats to
They won the $20 Petsmart gift card.

***Oooh...any ideas for next month's giveaway?***

Okay ... that's it for today... now here's the rest of our  BEAUTIES!

Here's   Rosie   a darling chihuahua.
Rosie is the sweet pup of Mrs. White @ Little Homemade Housewife.

Here's sweet   Greeley.    I'm partial to Yorkies ... can ya tell?
Greeley keeps things hopping for my pal  Monica @ Life As I Know It.
C'mon Greeley ... this potty training is easy ....  you can do it!

Sadie ...  Sadie  pretty lady.
Sadie car pools @ Newlywed Giggles along with
Mrs. Newlywed Giggles.
They're a "funny" bunch....get it?

Oh   Jack  ... you really are so Zen!  
Jack spends time eating shoes and blogs with Jules @ A Beautiful Day

Last but not least ... Delilah.  
Looks like  Delilah  could fall asleep anywhere.
Delilah hangs out with Jen @ Everything According to Jen.

See ya next month ... the more the merrier!
Monday ... June 25th.

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ahhh. love them all! and especially love the cat named Jack of course. :)

Craig said...

Hi - I have two blogs - both are faith blogs - the one I used your picture on is

Oh and the 3 letter thing was SEO - search engine optimization - getting google to notice you.

Happy day!!

Jes said...

so many adorable dogs! love your yorkie. my sharks is a yorkie too. just a 10 pound yorkie ;)

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