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Monday, June 18

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Everybody's seems to be on the  Silhouette Train ...
and I have to say ... I'm startin' to enjoy the ride myself.
Mind you ... you guys are up there in the engine ... and I'm still in the caboose.
But ... I just jumped on board and I'm learning as I go.

Last month my g-baby  Parker  turned  one and I got  into ...  the decoratin' mojo.
Check out the rest of the party decorations here.   

 I let my new Silhouette help me with the rest.

The theme for the party was  whales.    I found a whale in the
Silhouette Library that matched the whale on the invitation.

I made a front and a back .....  Parker  on one side .....  and a number 1 on the other.

Knowing I was going to  glue them back to back ... it took me
a few tries to get the words and numbers not to end up backwards.

Before making the  fish stick ... I put a  ...  stick in the fish.
( You get it?    I glued the two fish together to make the   "fish stick" )

While I was feeling all  Silhouette confident ... I tried cutting
some delicate  names from blue cardstock.

They turned out amazing ... then they got stuck too.

 They made great table decorations in my $1 buckets from Michaels.

I also used them to jazz up the inside my  gift bags.

 Since I was on a roll  ... I added large letters  to the outside of the bags. 
  They  doubled as  birthday cards  as well.

Not a bad start for one of my first Silhouette project.

There's nothing like "personalizing" decorations and gifts
 to make the event memorable.....

 Now everyone should remember  Parker's  name.
Grandma's are allowed to brag ... right?

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