Monday Music ... Donna Summer Workn' Hard For the Money

Sunday, June 10

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Donna Summer
"She Works Hard For The Money"

Donna Summer  was an American singer / songwriter who made 
a huge splash in the late 1970's.
She was a five-time Grammy winner and and each of her
 3 consecutive albums hit ... Number One. 

She was born ... ironically ... to a devoutly Christian family in Boston.  
Summer began ... as many young singers did ... by singing in the church choir.

Perhaps to rebel against the strict rules and curfews at home ... 
Donna was often in trouble at school ... skipping out to attend wild parties.
Weeks before her high school graduation ... she left home for the bright lights of NYC.

In 1975 Summer had her first hit with  "Love to Love You Baby".
The obvious sexual undertones of the song and Donna's  constant
moaning in the background ... caused a lot of controversy and she was banned
by the BBC in England.

She became known to most of the music world as

"The Queen of Disco".

During the crazy days of the 70's she was a regular visitor to
New York's Studio 54 and consequently began to struggle with drug addiction.

As a result of her addiction she came back to her roots and
became a "born again" Christian.
In May of this year ... 2012 ... Donna Summer died of lung cancer.

The 70's Disco Era was a wild partying time and ...

Donna Summer was definitely ...The Queen of Disco.

RIP  Donna Summer.

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