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Saturday, June 30

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In case you missed yesterday's post ... the winners of the
Puppy Silhouette Painting ...

Here's the last of our  Puppy & Kitty Parade ... you guys rock!
Thanks so much for linking up.

First up "Big D"  Dexter Morgan.   Dex is staying cool enjoying his popsicle.
Dexter is the star of his own blog ... though his mom ... Jennifer ...
does most of the work over @Dexter Morgan's Mama.

Jessi is the new kid on the block ... and Jack is not having it.  Jack I hear ya ... it's hard to
embrace change.  Looks like Julie @ A Beautiful Day 
is gonna have to referee for awhile.

Is this a gorgeous picture or what?  Max's grandma just sent him this awesome blanket.
What more could ya want Max ... your favorite toy ... a new blanket and those eyes ... oh those eyes.
It's amazing that   Mel @ The Crafty Scientist   was able to show off
 Max's beautiful eyes against that spectacular black coat.  Simply a beautiful shot!

Sadie here is a regular here at the Party.  I think there was a song about you ...
Sadie ... Sadie ... special lady ..... (can't remember the rest ... lalala)
we love ya ... thanks for introducing us to this "cutie patootie."
(Boy I'm getting pretty-girlie swirlie...gotta get back to the sass.)

Our latest newlywed herself ... Anna @ A March Wedding 
has a menagerie goin' on at her house.
I think the word is spreading ... go over there and look sweet ... these guys have a soft heart.
Bella I hear you are makin' yourself at home among all the cat types.  
Please forgive me though...
I don't remember their names ... I promise I will name them all next time.  Love ya!

Last ... but certainly not least ... my sweethearts ... Willie & Carmelo.  These two
really put the "sweet" into chocolate. I mean seriously ... I love these two.
Lauren @ The Elephant's Trunk you guys are all just the best!!!!
***BTW Lauren's got a fund raising tee-shirts for sale to help the
 Colorado fire victims***    Check her out!!!

Ok ... that wraps up our  ...    June Party.
I really hope you guys love this as much as I do.
I know we're still small ... and I hope the word spreads and we get lots of new fur babies
to love ... but I guess if it stays small ... so be it.  
We have quality not quantity.

Oh yes ... I have gotten some very sweet comments about the
Pet Silhouette Paintings.  

I wish I could have given you all one.  
Nevertheless ... if any of you would really like one ... they are in my Etsy Shop.
Just for you Partiers ... there will be a  30% discount.

Just check out the descriptions and stuff in  My Shop . .. and shoot me an email about
what you want ... and I'll give ya all the particulars and set up a 
Reserved Listing.

Okay ... let's see the next ... Last Monday of the Month ... will be
July 30th.
See ya there.  Spread the word.  Love ya all.
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