Knockoff Pottery Barn Bed DIY...Measuring 411

Tuesday, June 5

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When I shared my post
in February ... I had no idea it would garner as much attention ...
comments ... and questions ... as it did.

I constructed this platform bed for my daughter who was moving into a new apartment.
Of course ... as usually happens ... this was before I started my little blog ...
and I didn't have any DIY photos of its creation.

But ... thankfully daughter... Complicated Kai and her boyfriend Nick ...
agreed to "deconstruct" the bed and send me some pix.
Hopefully ... along with a few measurements ... those of you that wanted
to try your hand at this platform bed ... will have a good place to start.

 3  rectangular boxes were built.

You basically construct a box ... of course ... leaving one side open.  
Do make sure you support the open side.

Kai had a full or double  mattress ... which measured   54" by 80"
***The platform measurements below allow for 3-4 inches extra on each side.***

                LENGTH of  Box #1   WIDTH of your mattress ... plus 6".
LENGTH of  Box #2 and #3   =  LENGTH of mattress ... minus 16".
***This allows for box depth of 20"***

 HEIGHT and WIDTH of all boxes  =  20".

The width and height can be adjusted according to your own taste.  Do you want
your bed higher off the ground?  Do you want the storage deeper?  Just make sure you
keep the height and width the same for all three cubes.

  Double Bed (54" by 80")
 Box #1 length  =  60" (54" plus 6")
Box #2 and #3 lengths   =  64"  (80" minus 16")

You can see here how the three boxes are fit together.
Don't worry about the gap ... you will cover that.

After placing the boxes ... cover them with strong plywood.
As you can see ... since the end piece was already flat and strong ... 
I just added thick plywood to the back of the bed over the gap.

Once finished ... you can adorn them anyway you wish ... molding ... headboard ... finials.

Finish her up by adding the mattress ... and of course some awesome bedding.
I also made a headboard ... but not a total necessity.
I gave a brief ... Headboard DIY ... HERE

Now... this could be adjusted to whatever size bed you have.

Twin Mattress (39" by 75")........... Box #1 (45" by 20" by 20")
                                               Box #2 and #3  (59" by 20" by 20")

Queen Mattress (60" by 80") .......... Box #1  (66" by 20" by 20")
                                                     Box #2 and #3  (64" by 20" by 20")

King Mattress (76" by 80") ......... Box #1  (82" by 20" by 20")
                                      Box #2 and Box #3  (64" by 20" by 20")

I hope these measurements help.
I am not a professional by any means ... and you know what they say ...
Measure twice ... cut once!

Make that measure 3 or 4 times for me.
I would double check again just to be sure for your size mattress.

I did my best to figure the different cuts for the different mattress sizes....
I will be available for all problems and complaints the
  second Tuesday 
of next week.

Good Luck!

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The Pink Growl said...

That is awesome! I could never do that.

Connie said...

Wow! Great project! Link it up with me on my Wow Us Wednesday, ok? Over at

Connie said...

Thanks for linking at Wow Us Wednesday!

Lori T said...

Not sure if you covered this in one of your other posts, but I was wondering if you kept track of how much this project cost? You did great. Thanks for the tutorial.

ms. angel said...

Great idea!!!! I just spent $15002 on a platform bed for my daughter :'(

ms. angel said...

Great idea!!!! I just spent $15002 on a platform bed for my daughter :'(

HEMOM4EVR said...

I just finished painting my son's room and want my husband to make him a platform bed. This is perfect. What did you use for the headboard?

Patrick Xavier said...

Pretty nice bed, really appreciate for sharing this tutorial with us, normally i don't go for wooden beds, i like metal ones and i have three of them in my house, you just have to paint them to give them a new look.

Erica Burns said...

What did you use for the boxes, as in where would I go to get them?

Baby Herrera said...

I was wondering what you used for the back of each of the 3 pieces? the pieces of wood, what are they?

Jessica Brazell said...

Do you happen to remember about how much this project cost you? I'm working on a budget...

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