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Thursday, June 7

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 Today I'm trying something new. 
I'm gonna be  "hooking up"... okay ... maybe
that's the wrong term ... how about "linking up" ... yeah that's better ... here.


I've got a theme in my head today ... pretty sure you'll figure it out.

Dear Producers and Writers from "Lost" ...

                    I know this letter's a bit late  ...  but I haven't had a good opportunity to write you.
               What the heck?    Seriously  ...  were you guys on drugs or did you just enjoy screwing
               around with my head?    I think you just wanted to see how absurd you could make your
               show and still have me watch.    And  ...  while I'm on the subject  ...  what were there  ...
               like a gazillion episodes?
                       Yeah  ...  at first it was like so cool  ...  then I figured well  ...  it's gonna get better  ...
                and then I had to see how you guys would explain all this.    After all  ...  I'd already
                invested like a million hours.    I couldn't quit without the  great ending.

                        Well  ...  you guys never did know what was happening on that island  ... did you?
                 I think you just kept making up weird stuff just to see if  I'd  watch and never ask  ...

                     Well guess what  ...   I'm asking WHY?     The "black fog"  ... 
               What the heck was that?   Who were the  good guys?    Who were the  bad guys? 
               What the heck was that  statue?    Why was Hugo  still so fat after all that time?  
               Who was the dude in the cabin?     Who got there  first? 
               How come that  Richard  guy never aged?     Did anybody ever "actually" die?

                    Okay  ...  I'm getting worked up again.    Breathe.......breathe.    Well that's a gazillion
               hours wasted  ...  oh yeah and plus the 25 minutes I've wasted on this letter to you .
               So since  you   never really ended  your  series I don't think I'm    
               going to fini    ..............................

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Frankie said...

That's exactly how I felt after the end of Lost. The ending was so not good. It made the entire series feel like a waste, because so many questions were left unanswered.

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

ha my husband and i were thinking of watching LOST and getting into it, but then we heard so may things about the last episode. found you via the link up xo

Anne @ Cup of Caffeine said...

Ohhh LOST! I watched it every week from the very beginning and have questions still. I'll have to borrow the seasons from my friend and watch them again!

Found you through the link up :)

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