Father's Day ... Kickn' It Old School

Sunday, June 17

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Kickinit old school

It’s Father’s Day….

Are you guys all celebratin’ with Dad?

Thought I’d experiment with typing my post
In Word … then pastin’ here.
I want some more interesting Fonts than
Blogger offers … so I’ll try anything.

My oldest son ... Shea ... just posted this
picture of he and his dad ... on Facebook.
Today ... Shea's a new father himself ... sigh.

I almost forgot about this photo.
Check out those awesome tee-shirts!
This must be from around 1989.

Back in the day I used to hand paint
shirts ... and when I say hand-paint ....
that means no Silhouette or stencils.
I'd just draw a design right on there and

I used to paint lots of shirts for tennis
teams and for my kids.
I don't know how much my kids enjoyed
that ... but hey ... they didn't have jobs.

Anyway ... just thought I'd share this
with you guys.  I think it still looks pretty
good ... if I do say so myself.

Wow ... I must be really old.

Happy Father's Day all.

A special shout out to my dad!
Happy Father's Day Dad!

( by the way ... if you all know another
easy way to get different fonts onto your blog ...
let me know )

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1 comment:

frikken DUCKIE said...

Lol. Love the painted shirts! And I have no clue about the fonts. I think you have to manually put the fonts in with html codes. But then again, I think it also depends on if your readers' computers can read that font. Not sure.

Btw, I've been slacking on my blog reading so I am now going through your blog to see all the amazing posts I missed.

♥ Duckie.

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