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Wednesday, June 13

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I love built in barbecues ... but even buying one at Home Depot is too pricey for my liking.
This Weber barbecue ... pictured below ... runs a cool $2700.

I have to say ... I don't know ... maybe if money was no object I would just
buy stuff like this.  There is this creative ... puzzle solving ... challenge taking ...
person in me ... however ... that just loves to see if I can do it myself.

Here's my patio in the earlier stages.  I had done some updates ...
as you can see ... HERE.

I wanted more ... a I usually do.

Soooo ...
I planned ... charted ... measured ... and refigured.

                                          1)     I built a Base out of 2 X 4s ...
                                         2)    Covered them with Cement Board ...
                                          3)    Cut each individual Paver & Slate Tile ...
                                                                 ***425 pieces in all***
                                          4)     Mixed the Mortar Sticky Stuff ... 
                                                                *** by hand ....that's the technical term***
                                           5)    Attached all 425 Tile Pieces on the Base ...
                                                               ***after figuring where they all went***
                                           6)    Applied the Grout.

Voila ... easy peasy ... LOL.

The slate tile makes a nice combination with the Mexican Pavers.

Now ... FYI ... the barbecues you buy for "built-ins" cost 
upwards of $700.
I just bought a regular barbecue and took off the side "wings".  They
easily unscrew ... and those start at like $100.

I just rolled that puppy right back into the brick base.

Luckily it fit ... I measured like 3 times.
***I worried later that I should have tested the bbq before cementing it in...just in case***

I also adapted a regular size barbecue cover ... cut the wings off again ...
sewed her up.  Works great!
While I was at it ...

I added a buffet.  Same bat time ... same bat channel.

I made the buffet hollow and added a door.
Now I use this 12 foot space for storage.

Remind me to tell you tomorrow how much figuring all these slate pieces took.

 So there you have it.  
Unfortunately I have to pictures of the actual construction ...
but suffice it to say it was a rather big undertaking.
Tomorrow ... I'll be posting some of the problems  I faced ...
and some of the things I learned.

But for now ...

I think I like mine better ... but I'm a bit prejudiced.
But you guys decide.

Things are now looking soooo much better.

Why do I take on these humongous projects?
Maybe cuz mine only cost like $400... not $2700.
Well that's one thing.....

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JJ said...

wow you did a great job. This is amazing.

I love seeing all your projects.

frikken DUCKIE said...

I LOVE THIS! One day when I become rich and famous, I will fly you out and pay you to build me something wonderful. And you can bet that I'll tell all my snobby rich friends (which I'm sure I'll have when I become rich and famous) about how amazing your creations are so you can overcharge them and become rich and famous yourself.

But seriously, I don't know if I tell you this enough, but the same is true for all the other times I have and will tell you this: You are AMAZING!

♥ Duckie.

Gina Rodriguez said...

Yes, You Are Incredible & an inspiration to me... I still haven't started on a project of my own, cuz right now my life is in transition & I'm so busy with summer & work...

BUT... I Am so inspired & excited to first... Do the Beautiful chalk board frame! I just think its amaZing! I probably well make a mess!

#2 ... I want to do the wine glasses... dipped in chalk!!

& #3.. I want to do the etched glasses! I'm so excited!

But I don't have an artistic fiber in me, so I'm really scared & nervous of making a horrendous Mess.

Girl,, you
Keep up the good work... & I think that we can only access the pet photos in a "real computer"... Is that right? Because I cannot find the link on my android phone.
Please advise & try to access the puppy pic submission on your cell.
Let me know How to do it... If its possible from my android cell.
Thank you !!!

Ange said...

What a great project, I'm impressed and inspired with your DIY ability. Thank you for sharing.

Jonie Marie said...

What a great idea! It looks amazing on your patio. I love the table you made as well. Very nicely done!

Thanks for linking up to Point of View! Hope you'll join us again next month!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

I love love LOVE that you made it yourself, I love cutting and working with tile, I created my own design for my dining room floor a few houses ago and loved it. I totally want to do this when I get my own yard again! Thanks for linking up to the Point of view, I'm featuring this today!

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