My Top 10 Fitness Tips

Friday, May 18

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I've been busy this week working on decorations for my g-baby's 1st birthday...
so have been absent this week ... but ... thought I'd quickly link up with 

So without further ado here are my...

Top 10 Fitness Tips

1.  Always best to check with your physician before
 engaging in any exercise program.

2.  Important safety tip.

3.  Just clarify your fitness regimen first.

4.  Always feel free to ask questions of other fitness gurus.

5.  Never compare or brag about your successes ... 
but I'm just sayn'.

6.  Keep a log of your daily weight and calorie intake.

7.  Good hygiene is important during any fitness regimen.

8.  Be realistic about your fitness do's and don'ts.  It's okay.

9.  Always research the fitness terms and know 
what they mean for you.

10.  Don't overdo your diet or exercise program.  

Well this post has worn me out ... it's almost midnight her in Southern Cali.
Time for bed ... maybe fitness tomorrow ... 
maybe not.

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frikken DUCKIE said...

Lol! The greatest fitness tips EVER!

And I would totally love a guest post from you!!

Email it to me and I'll post it!!

♥ Duckie.

Monica said...

LOL I love them ALL!!!

Ms Stephanie said...

Loved it!!! You did a great guest post! Welcome to our little group :)

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