Tips to Painting Over Wallpaper

Monday, May 7

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I've been reading a lot of posts recently about paintable wallpaper.
Some of this wallpaper is really cool with intricate detail ... pattern ... and texture.
It got me thinking about my rooms that already had wallpaper.
Take my daughter's room.  When she was born we had the room professionally
wallpapered in a gorgeous abstract floral by Laura Ashley.
When she got to high school she wanted a change.  
***Can you imagine...change Laura Ashely...are you kidding?***

We decided on paint rather than new wallpaper.
She wanted some nice wide stripes.

Painting stripes is easy enough ... but do I really have to remove that wallpaper first?
Everyone I asked ... my mom ... said if you want to do it correctly ... yes ... remove it.
Then of course ... sand and prep ... prime ... and then lay out the stripes.

Hmmm ... I don't think so.
Let me lay this out up front ... I hate prepping.  If there's a quicker way ...
I'm gonna take it.
So I decided to skip a step or two and paint right over that sucker.

It worked fine and dandy.  I even painted over the wallpaper on the ceiling.
***Yes we had it on the was me!***

Now here's the one thing I did read ... and took to heart.

If you're going to paint over wallpaper ...
make sure it is firmly attached and not coming up anywhere.

All of my wallpaper had been professionally put up ...
***I stopped doing it myself years earlier...big hassle***
and it wasn't going anywhere ... so I was golden.
It was quick and easy and turned out so well ... I used it in my other two rooms.

In the bathroom ...

... and in the Master Bedroom.  I even painted over the matching fabric valence.

So there you have it.
If you're lazy a time saver like I am ... and you have wallpaper that's not
going anywhere ... go ahead ... paint over it.
Prime if you must ... but painting directly over wallpaper is a piece of cake!

Seriously ... I wouldn't lie to ya.

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