Puppy Pre-Party at the Palomar Beverly Hills

Friday, May 25

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First things first.
This Monday is our monthly ..... 
 Puppy Love (and cats) Photo Party 
Link opens 12: 01 A.M. Monday morning.
This month we're giving away a $20.00 gift certificate from Petsmart.
Can't wait to see all your new pet pictures.

Today ... however ... it's Furbaby Friday!

I just got back from  Newport Beach ... last weekend ... 
it's only Thursday ... and I'm already back on the go.
This weekend ... Beverly Hills ... alright!

Checked in at the Palomar Hotel Beverly Hills.

Here I am on this cool bench in front of our hotel.
How chic am I?   Maybe I'll check in with my agent.

This hotel is the bomb!   They really pamper me here.   Puppies are definitely welcome.
Pet walkers  ...  pet treats  ...  pet sitters  ...  they got it all.
No sneaking in here.

Check out this "Welcome sign"    See any names you recognize?
C'mon  ...    Blake  ...  there in the middle.  
They have the names of all the pups staying in the hotel ... right at the entrance.
How cool is that?   VIP.... I'd say so!

Next stop ... check out the pool.  Work'n on my tan.

Then up to my room.

  Wow...17th floor.    Check out this view.

Not really a vacation though ... dad's going to Cedar Sinai's tomorrow for
neck surgery ... so we won't have too much time for fun ... but for me 
... this place is a vacation already!

C ya Monday!
    love Blake

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Mrs. Monologues said...

Oh my goodness what a fabulous hotel. I need to stay here next time we go down to LA to visit my parents.

Britt ♥ said...

Your pup is so cute! I agree that hotel looks amazing.

Monica said...

That hotel looks amazing! Great pictures...

JJ said...

Dexter Morgan is so jealous of you Blake. You are certainly living the life!

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