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Tuesday, May 1

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Today I want to take a little time for  ...   Appreciation.
Remember to thank people along the way ... let them know how you feel.
I think today's the day I start!

Thank you Lauren Bird!

Lauren has a little blog known to millions of fans as ...

To be honest ... I don't know how I ran across  The Trunk ... but
I ordered some of her super cool  corks  for Christmas ... and we've been kind
of corresponding off and on ever since.

Out of the blue ... Lauren started sending me ideas and hints to help
grow my Etsy Shop ... through joining Forums ... Etsy Teams ...
and even re-working my Facebook Page.
Check out her post  here  about the new Facebook Timeline.

I'm constantly asking her questions when I run into trouble ...
***which is kinda often***
and she always has an answer for me right away.
I know I must bug her too much ... but she never lets on.

So Miss Lauren ... I'm paying it forward ... or backwards ... or whatever.

Enjoy some  Starbucks  on me.
Thank you for going above and beyond.

Watch your email today ...  Starbucks E-card  on the way.

Have you appreciated anybody today?
Lauren is my first Starbucks Hero ... but she won't be my last.


link is still open until  Friday.
Share the love ... let us see your fur babies.
The last Monday of each Month ... 
always with a giveaway!

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1 comment:

Lauren Bird said...

Wow! What an honor- thank you. I am so glad that we stumbled upon one another in this blog world. You are a super talented lady!

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