Music Monday ... Jermaine Paul/I Want You Back

Monday, May 14

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Jermaine Paul & the Gang
"I Want You Back"

Good Monday Morning after Mother's Day.

I had a wonderful weekend ... which I'll talk about tomorrow.
Today ...  I'm deviating just a little  ...  from my normal "oldies" format.
I say "a little"  cuz this song is "technically" an oldie.

My daughter  ...  Complicated Kai  ...  turned me onto The Voice on a visit
with her earlier in the year.  I fell in love!

Whereas "Idol" ...  which I stopped watching a few years back  ...  was demeaning
and the judges annoying  ...  The Voice had nothing but talented artists  ...  as well as
judges that were funny and seemed to genuinely like each other.

For my money  ...  during the whole show ...  my favorite has been

Jermaine Paul

Once a backup singer for Alicia Keys  ...  Jermaine decided to break out on his own.
With the encouragement from his daughter  ...  he tried out for The Voice.
I think he stole the show  ...  and  ...  quite honestly  ...  I'm a bit crazy for him!

This song  ...  a favorite Jackson 5 tune  ...  was performed by Paul  ...  and some of the
earlier contestants that he invited back to sing with him.
James Massone  ...  Pip  ...  and Jamar Rogers
blew me away in their Motown 60's suits and a few Jackson 5 moves.

They did an amazing job!

And just cuz I'm so in love with this guy  ...  I leave you with 
this "oh my gosh amazing" version of

"I Believe I can Fly"

Seal  ...  the original artist  ...  ain't got nothin' on Jermaine.

Jermaine Paul  ...  you rocked The Voice!

***sorry for gushing just a bit***

Happy Monday Morning ....
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