How to Make 3D Letters for your Party

Tuesday, May 22

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This past weekend we celebrated my grandson's 1st birthday.
Bibi ... that would be me ... was asked to decorate.
I decided to make some quick and easy paper lanterns ... and some nice ... large
three dimensional letters.

Let me preface this tutorial by warning you ... though they are not difficult to make ...
***especially if you need BOB or SUE***
it is certainly a time consuming project.

Tissue Paper ... about 10 - 15 sheets per letter
Tape ... tape ... tape

To cut out the letters I used packing boxes from Lowes.
***I think they cost about $1.50 per box***

I needed two of each letter ... and I could get two complete letters per box.

I made these 3 feet tall ... but you could make them whatever size you wish.

To draw the letters ... I just used a yardstick and freehanded it.

After cutting out front and back ... I used the remaining cardboard scraps to
 cut strips "four and one/half" inches wide.

By piecing them together ... I taped the strips all around the letters.

For curved letters ... I scored the strips cross-wise several times.
***Make sure you don't score all the way through***
 The strips then bent nicely around the curves.

I actually started by hot gluing the strips to the front and back ...
but found it was
  much easier to tape the cardboard pieces together.

You can see how I moved from blue tape ... to duct tape ... and finally
finished in clear packing tape.
Yeah ... I did go through all my tape and hot glue.

I cut tissue strips about 4" wide ... and cut fringe every half inch or so.
I just eyeballed it ... no need to measure here.

Cut the fringe about one-third of the way up.
***Make sure you don't cut the fringe too deep...more coverage with shorter fringe***

This is the part that takes a lot of time.
Just start at the bottom ... fringe down ... taping the fringed tissue to the base.
Overlap ... overlap ... overlap.
Tape ... tape ... tape.
Around ... around ... and around.

The end result was striking ... if I do say so myself.

The 3 foot letters really made a nice statement ... and
went a long way to fill up an empty corner in this club house.

We not only used them as basic decorations ... but as a cool backdrop for pictures.
Case in point ... my sweet baby Parker.
Happy 1st Birthday.

We also used it as a backdrop to open presents.

The variety of paper lanterns hung in a group and the large 3 dimensional letters ...
made for a unique ... colorful ... and elegant party presentation.

Not wanting to devote the time for an entire name?
Try initials ... you can even turn them into pinatas by filling them with
goodies and sealing up the bottom.

Don't Forget .....  THIS MONDAY!

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frikken DUCKIE said...

You are the best grandmother in the world, hands-down.

Those letters turned out amazing and those paper lanterns are gorgeous as well!

I had told myself I would not be throwing any more parties for another 2 years but you're tempting me! Lol.

Happy Birthday Parker!

♥ Duckie.

Lauren Bird said...

Lady, did you make all the laterns too? You are so talented! Love Love Love this!

lauren@warmandfuzzy said...

Hi there. I am hopping over from Sugar & Dots WHat I WHipped Up Wednesday. I love this! I made a pinata for my sons birthday in a similar way I used entirely to much hot glue - apparently tape was the way to go! I'll have to keep that in mind next time.

Great idea and the pictures look awesome..


Andrea @ Decorating Cents said...

I love these letters. They look great along with the large lanterns.

Mama Jodi said...

These are so cool. What a great idea.

Jennifer said...

Love these!

Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

These are awesome! What a lucky grandson said...

Those letters are awesome! Especially because I've bought those letters at Joann Fabrics and they're so expensive that I've never bought them again! Great tutorial! Thanks!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Adorable! What a labor of love.

One Desperate Mom said...

I clicked on your link from SNAP ust because my son's name happens to be Parker. But those letters are amazing. And HUGE. Great backdrop for the pics. LOVE.

Kelley @ said...

Hi! Visiting from a link party. WOW. Seriously.. WOW! Your letters came out great.. I didnt believe it at first when I saw 'make it yourself'. What a great tutorial. Im pinning this so I can do it for my daughters birthday. Wow.

If you get a chance Id love for you to share this at my Friday link party.. it just opened! :)

Bell Jar Vintage said...

Great DIY! Thanks for the tutorial!

SweetPepperRose said...

Awesome d i y - cute little tyke you have there!

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