Fabric Overload

Thursday, May 3

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I spend a lot of time working from home these days ... in my workshop ...
 on the computer ... editing pictures ... or working on my blog.
If you happen to drop by and I'm not slaving away ...
chances are you'll find me here.

And I do spend a  lotta  time here!
Holy crap Batman ... look at all this fabric!

This is one of the aisles I absolutely live  in.  
Fleece ... fleece ... fleece.

Minky ... minky ... minky.
My yorkie Blake ... has to help me choose.  He's my Etsy dog crate cover expert.

This is Rick.   Yes I do know his name.  I'm here so often ...
they gave me my very own parking spot.
These guys don't have to belong to a gym ... all they do is hoist these
huge rolls of fabric all day.

It's like a frikkn' maze in here.

I could spend hours in the rows and rows and rows of trim.

The ribbon selection is like ... legend ...... ary.

Yeah ... you can kind of understand why I spend so much time here.
It's a real challenge to find what you want ... but believe me they've got it.
You just have to search through all the stacks and rolls of material.

In the end ... however ... it is so worth it!
The prices are the best ... and I mean better than any internet store I've found.
Yeah ... you have to hunt.  It's kind of like being in the Library of Congress.
***well ok maybe not quite***

Bakersfield is a  shopping desert ... but
F & M's is at least one ... oasis in all the sand.

So why did I write this post?
Okay ... I know this does you no good ... you don't live in Bakersfield.
***lucky for you***
but if for some reason I drop off the map ... and they send out Search & Rescue.
Have someone check at J & Ms ... I may be stuck underneath 
several rolls of Minky.


Don't forget tomorrow ... Saturday ... I'm posting lots of
pet pictures from our Monday's ...
 Puppy Photo Party & Cats.
Giveaway winner will be announced too!
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1 comment:

Lowell & Cristina Newton said...

I always like to go there, it's an awesome place !! I think it's F & M though, not J.

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