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Wednesday, May 30

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What do you get your only grandbaby who has everything?

That was my dilemma this month when ParkCity... 
***aka Parker Rhodes***
... had his  very first birthday.  This kid already has everything!

 I decided to use the new Silhouette Cameo ... my lovely children
bought me for my birthday recently ... to make my sweet Roo some t-shirts.

Being new to this whole Silhouette thing ... I watched a ton of  YouTube tutorials.
Having watched as many as I could stand   ***and some of them are awful***   I was ready to start.
I decided on my design  for both tees then  drew it up on the Silhouette.
***evidently whales were the theme for this party***

***I'm not going into Silhouette drawing detail today ... that's a lot ... but next time I will.***

I  cut the designs  out of freezer paper and gently weeded the pieces 
off the sticky mat ... using my ...  handy-dandy-weeder-thingy.

I think it's a good idea to  tape your shirt down  to the table ... 
before you paint ... to make the shirt smooth and taut.  
Be sure to slip some cardboard or freezer paper inside the shirt 
 ... to prevent paint from soaking through to the back side.

Once I   laid the stencil out ... I  pressed it  with a hot iron.
    I've never used freezer paper before ... but this stuff really sticks.    Who knew?
Next ... I   painted.    Better to do  several light coats  ... then one thick ... wet coat.

I used a hair dryer ... cuz ... well cuz I'm impatient.
All you normal ... patient people ... just  let her dry ... and then carefully 
remove your freezer paper stencil.


To be honest ... I was kind a shocked that it actually came out.
It actually looked just like the invitation.

My favorite tee ... however ... was this "Big Brother T-Shirt".
I think this one had a few of us tearing up ...  so I guess that was a good sign.

Yup ... Parker's gonna be a big brother  in October ... and it's a GIRL!
So ... they're just gonna have to save all the oceans of cute  "boy stuff " for next time.

Guess who gets to go "girl" shopping?  
Sorry boys ... it is a lot more fun to shop for baby girls.
 Maybe that's cuz there's so much more  "girl stuff"  to choose from.

Anyway ... I already told Parker's mom and dad to not buy EVERYTHING ...
leave something for Bibi to buy this time.
***that's me...by the way***

In the meantime ... I still have a lot to learn about the old Silhouette ... but
I think these 2 shirts turned out pretty darn good ........
pretty darn.

The Puppy & Cat Photo Party 
is still open.
The party ends on Friday  afternoon ... winner will be posted Saturday
 along with lots of featured pet photos.

What are you waiting for?

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