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Wednesday, May 9

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The weather here in California is beautiful these days.
When the temperature is this gorgeous ... it's time to think about sprucing up the backyard.
I wish I could say this is my backyard ... alas ... it's not.
This yard belongs to my parents ... and they've made it a true paradise.

Gardens and backyards usually mean ... flowers ... ground cover ... and other living things ...

but hardscape ... statues ... paths ... and other structures can really add dimension and interest.

The white geometric tower nestled toward the back of the bed creates
a nice contrast to the natural shapes and colors of the plants.
Luckily ... all these wooden pieces were made by my father ... he's pretty handy.

A birdhouse is always an interesting addition to a landscape.
This particular birdhouse ... is made of reclaimed barn wood ... and the birds love it.

A wooden arch is a nice focal point ... and in this case serves as an entry point
to the side yard and the workshop.

You have to have seating out in the yard.  This bench has been the center piece
of many family photos ... as well as just a nice restful place to sit and enjoy the 
beautiful view.

Don't forget the patio.  This vintage phone booth really adds character
and is a cool unexpected element.  Oh ... and the phone actually works.

The real focal point in my parents' back yard ... however ... is this beautiful gazebo.
Not only does it provide a shaded eating area apart from the house ...
but has been the backdrop to over 4 weddings ...
including my own.

Who is that?  I'm sure even my kids won't recognize these people.

This yard is the result of years of hard work on the part of my parents and it
definitely shows.  They have painstakingly planted almost every flower and tree ...
 and probably picked a million weeds and spread tons of mulch.

Not all of us have a father or handyman that can build beautiful pieces for the
landscape ... but they can be found in many nurseries and garden departments.

Hardscape can really create a unique touch to your yard.

Ok... now I have to go outside in my own yard and pull weeds.

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Gina Rodriguez said...

Wow... That is a Dream Back yard, (a lil bit of Heaven Here on Earth!)
Ok, I give up, whose getting hitched there?

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow really really pretty!

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