Tuesday 10...a Desert Island

Monday, April 2

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 What Would You Take on a Desert Island

awesome tent
Not just any tent ... one like they used in Harry Potter.
Huge freaking tent to sleep in ... then fold it up and put it in my purse.

my love Blake

3. & 4.
peanut butter and diet coke
Probably should bring some French bread too ... and a knife.

5. & 6.
reading glasses and the Bible
Gotta have them both.

my Mac
Of course it goes without saying ... satellite internet also.

Netflix membership
Definitely will need to keep up with my shows ... and of course

satellite cellphone
I gotta talk to my sweetie Parker ... cuz I know his mom and dad
won't let him come with me.

Robert Pattinson
Well ... I can dream.
Yeah ... yeah ... I know ... Peeta ... Gayle ... but I'm
still loyal to Edward.

Okay.  There it is.  
I'm really planning on roughing it ... huh?
Actually ...  I should have said the purse
Hermione carried in Harry Potter.  That's probably all I'd need.
She could pull anything she needed out of that thing.
Of course magic might be helpful.


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Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

ha! yes, a magic purse would come in handy!
thanks for linking up!

Lindsay said...

I'm still loyal to Edward too :)

Laura Hernandez said...

We both brought our bibles and satalite cell phones! LOL We were really roughing it. These were great link ups but I think I turned my deserted island into a paradise. ^_^

tara said...

I would definitely need to bring RPatz and my MacBook too!!

Leigh-Ellen said...

Hermione along with her purse and really one would be completely set! Great list. I struggled to stick to the task at hand this week!


frikken DUCKIE said...

Lol. Or you could just take Hermione herself.

Btw, I've given you an award! You can read more about it here:


♥ Duckie.


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