Thankful in the Rain

Thursday, April 12

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It's another rainy day today ...
so what's a gal to be thankful  for when it's cold and wet outside?

Thankful I don't have to go to work. 
 Done ... finito ...  no mas.
Sometimes it's hard to wrap my brain around it ... I never have to go back to work.
That means today I can do whatever my heart desires.

And today ...
I'm thankful for my DVR.
***Oh yeah...the wide screen TV too***

How much do I love being able to record whole TV seasons at one time.
Not to mention  pause  or  fast forward.
So on this rainy day ... there's lots of movies and TV shows to choose from.

Thankful there's plenty of Diet Coke in the fridge.
***Maybe some hot cocoa later***

Oh ... and these great
individual popcorn packages.

I have a tendency to finish everything in the bag ...  not good for my diet
...  so these smaller bags are great.
***As long as I don't eat 5 of them***
So ... it seems I'm set.
Rainy day ... warm blankets ... DVR full of good stuff ... Diet Coke and popcorn.

Oh ... and I can't forget my  TV buddy Blake ... definitely thankful for him.

Of course there are so many more important things I'm thankful for ...
family ... health ... church.
But you know me ... I kinda have a hard time being too serious.

So what's on your DVR ... and what are you munchin' on?

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1 comment:

Charisma said...

Glee and Twilight? Seems like the perfect day! =)

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