March Photo Challenge

Wednesday, April 4

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Well here's month two of my photo challenges.
Again ... I'm ashamed to say ... I didn't quite get all the pictures taken.
However ... I am trying not to obsess over the missing photos and truly enjoy
the process and the photos I took.
It is soooo much fun.

Most of these don't really need much explanation.
Of course ... I always seem to manage a couple of pictures of my grandbaby Parker.
There's a rare picture of me ... I hate my pictures generally ...
***thinking of hiring a gorgeous twenty something stand-in***
but I do like my thrift store army jacket ... and always ... jeans.

Apologies to my baby Blake ... his first bath pictures turned out blurry ...
so I gave him another bath the next day ... he really hates me.

That's my husband trying to text ... rather technically challenged.
Finally ... my "relax'n" pictures.
One of these days I'm going to be posting how my Mac fell into the bath.
It's gonna happen ...  of course if it does ... I won't be able to post it.
Still ... it is my favorite place to catch up on
all my favorite bloggers.

There it is.      
                                      Still practicing...

On to  April's Photo Challenge ... I'm already a day behind ... drat!

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Mel said...

I would love to do this, if I could find just a few more hours in a day :) It's a great concept and a wonderful way to improve photography skills.

I'm going to answer your questions here since I'm at work and can't access my email.

The modem does not have to be out of the box; think of it this way, the signal can go through walls and floors, so being in a box isn't going to make any difference. Just be sure to have lots of cross ventilation and don't pile the items on top of each other.

For the cube. SCAL is a software that can be sued with Cricut. Since you have a cameo, I believe it comes with similar software for free. Acetate is a clear film that can be cut in your machine as long as you use high pressure. Similar to cutting vinyl or paper. I cut the design out and then taped it down, then pounced the paint on to the fabric with a stencil brush. Easy Peasy.

Catherine L said...

Hi Becky, I found your blog through The House of Smiths party. I LOVE your photos! Your doggie is adorable! I look forward to spending some more time here!

Boni said...

Great photos! Love your before/after. That is what my dog looks like at bath time! Thanks for sharing!

House of Smiths said...

haha! I LOVE the zoolander photo! ha! What a funny shot!
Thanks for linking up at our party!

Cameron Stimson said...

OH the grandbaby photos...and the puppy in the bath! LOVE! You have a great eye! Have a great weekend!

~Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}

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