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Friday, April 13

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Those of you tuning in here today looking for more of my charming wit ...
and  nuggets of DIY gold ... well ... you're out of luck!
No ... not really.  Today I'm guest blogging over at
Jack's Blog ... and I have a guest in the house.

I hope you'll enjoy my guest first ... and then click over and give me a what's up  here.
(Make sure you check out my news at the bottom of the page before you jump.)

Today is a first for us here at  Reinventing the Ordinary.
***okay, it's really just me ... trying to sound corporate***

There is a man in the house!

Yes indeed ... we have a guest speaker today...
an experienced blogger ... and very handsome ... I might add.
So without further ado ... the creator of his very own blog ...

It turns out Friday the 13th is particularly lucky for me because I am writing my very first guest post! Allow me to introduce myself and my family...

I am Jack, a three-year-old happy pup who just loves to play! Those humans in the picture are my Mom and Dad and they're pretty cool people. My favorites include dog beach, peanut butter and cuddling with my mom or dad in bed. I am always interested in meeting new friends of the human and animal kinds. Do you want to be my friend too? If you want, you can call me by any one of my nicknames...


I write a blog (with my mom's help) all about dogs and the things we love. It originally started as a way for Mom and I to tell stories about the silly things I do and trust me, I do lots of silly things! Now the blog has become so much more than just a way to talk about myself, it's a great chance to share all the cool places we visit, the new friends we make, and yes, we still post plenty of goofy pictures of me and my floppy ear. 
Before you even ask, yes, my left ear always stands up like that and it always has! Mom says it makes me unique ;)

Mom and Dad are so thankful for me since I'm their only kid for now. I am pretty lucky too because it means I get very spoiled and get to go lots of fun places like the beach, the snow and even on a few trips out of town! 

If you get a chance, come check out my blog! I'm also on Pinterest and I make a regular appearance on mom's Instagram (@littlerockfish) so there are plenty of ways to find me! High five for our first guest blog post! Woohoo!


Heather (and Jack)


Thanks Jack.  It was great to have you .

Now before you link on over to see me on  Jack's Blog ... 
here's what I'm cooking up later this month.

The  last Monday of each month I will be hosting a  link up 
for all our four-legged soul mates.
I want posts with your  favorite photographs  of your babies.

Then ...
the following Monday ... or the first Monday of the month ... 
I will feature several of the best pictures from the prior week's linkup.

Plus ...
every month there will be a prize or prizes awarded .

So ...
Stay tuned ... the first linkup will be
Monday, April 30th.

More details next week right here ...  and on our Facebook Page.
***ok...ok...MY Facebook Page...I know it's just me here***

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Stephanie said...

What a fun idea! Can't wait for the first link up! And, nice to meet Jack! ;)

JG said...

He's got so much personality! What a cutie!

Mrs. Monologues said...

How fun is this. Jack is such a sweetie!! Those pictures are fabulous. Wish you were in CA so I could hire you to take pictures of my puggle!

Lauren Bird said...

Can't wait to post pictures of my fur baby!

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