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Monday, April 9

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Maiden Instagram Voyage

Yay ...  Instagram for Android  ...  I just downloaded it
...  and these are my debut photos.
***drum roll ... dum da da dum***

Okay ... anyone who read my  "What's up with that?"  post ... 
I kinda dissed Instagram ... actually ... to be precise ... I admittedly "didn't get it."

 So I finally drank the Koolaid.  Although I haven't tried any of the editing tools ...
and I probably posted some stuff that I didn't mean to ... I now have to admit
it's cool.

Speaking of cool ... so was my Easter!

The weather was so nice.  Took time to soak up the sun by my pool.

Next we were off to visit my kids in  Newport Beach.
We spent a gorgeous day at the beach ... a blazing 82 degrees.

That night bowling ... at an alley like none other.
Wall to wall big screen TVs ... and music .
***more pix tomorrow***

Sunday ... after a glorious Easter service at The Mariners ...
I finally got to see  The Hunger Games ... but first some Sprinkles.

Finally ... Monday morning and a sad trip home.

We had such a good time together ... the weather was phenomenal ... and
any time spent with my kids is precious and always too short.

I don't know what came over me ... I just decided to go with a 
"traveling by foot theme."
***kind of like the Travelocity gnome***

Hope you enjoyed my quick ...
  Instagram vacation ...
more to fun to follow.

How'd I do?

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1 comment:

frikken DUCKIE said...

Lol. Welcome to the Instagram community!

♥ Duckie.

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