Getting Ready for Easter

Friday, April 6

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It's almost Easter.
That means time to pack up and go visit the family.
That's the good news ... 

The   bad news ...
I gotta take a bath ... and get my hair cut.
As soon as I hear the water running ... I try to hide.

But I guess it's worth it.

Of course mom had to make me a new scarf ... personally ... I could go "au natural"
... but mom loves to "Rachel Zoe" me up.

I'm smiling on the inside.

This is the part I like ... posing for the paparazzi!!!!

Happy Easter Fur Babies Friday mom's got some big puppy er... pet news.
A new pet feature ... and maybe a "petacular" prize.

See ya next week!

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Cole said...

You are so handsome, Blake!

tara said...

awwww! :)

storypiece said...

So cute!!

Lauren Bird said...


Stephanie said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! He is SO adorable!! Our little Yorkie absolutely hates baths, too! He runs at the sound of the water! That or shoots under the bed! :)

oldernawtwiser said...

So handsome!! I love the last picture.

Mrs. Monologues said...

That picture of the pup sopping wet is hilarious. "My mom likes to rachel zoe me out" - I die, so funny!

Can't wait to see what fun surprise you have for next week!

Thank you for linking up!

JJ said...

what a cutie! My yorkie isn't so fond of bath time either. When he was a pup, he loved it. Not so much anymore.

...melody... said...

Too adorable! :) The first and last photos are my favorite!

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