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Monday, April 16

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I gotta be honest ... I love being organized ... cuz ...

1.  When I'm organized ... I can then be a bit lazy.
2.  When I'm really organized ... it's easier to find stuff.
***I am always looking for something!***

I don't think I can ever have enough containers.  

I went to my "go-too" place ...  Target  ... to buy some rattan baskets on sale.
You know the ones with the cloth liners  ...  $15 on sale ... sweet.
I even had em in my cart ... but then I saw these  Big Red Beauties.
$5.99 ...  Eureka!

At that price I was able to get twice as many ... and the best part ... I love  RED.

I wanted them for my Workshop ... and the brighter the better.

I was able to buy 8 of these large plastic bins ... to hold my craft supplies ... fabric 
... wrapping paper ... and tons of other stuff.
I never know when to stop ... I decided they needed labels.

I freehanded some labels onto some shelf liner paper ... and cut them out.

Stuck those puppies on ... kinda tricky to keep them straight. 
Then painted them using Chalkboard Spray Paint.

Wham bam thank you ma'am ... erasable labels.

They're not absolutely perfect ... but who cares.
If I do any more ... I might rough up the surface first ... or perhaps a plastic primer.
You have to be careful not to peel off the label when you remove the pattern.
But ... no worries ... any small imperfections can be touched up.

By the way ... how do you like this doll house?  My father made if for my 
daughter when she was little.  It has hand made sliding doors on all four sides.
So cool.  Hoping to hand it down one of these days.

I love the new containers!  They not only hold a ton of stuff ...
they're artistic too ... and of course  RED!
Tomorrow I'll show you the rest of my workshop.
I'm always reorganizing it!
Like I said ... I never know when to quit.


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1 comment:

Monica said...

Oh how I love how organized you are!!!! Funny how not only can you find stuff being organized but you have so much more room huh!!!

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