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Thursday, April 19

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Ooh ... an award ... the paparrazi ... maybe I need a new dress.
I want to take some time today to thank the academy er ...
my sweet followers.
They have taken it upon themselves to nominate me for 2 ...
count them ... 2 separate awards.

The first one is the  Liebster Blog Award.

Now I Googled this word ... because ... as I am a giving ... caring person 
... I always try to go the extra mile for my public.
So ...  here's the fun ...  interesting  ... okay just a plain old fact.
Evidently it's a German word meaning "beloved".

So it seems I was given this award for being the  ...
absolute most beloved blog on the internet.
And when I say most beloved blog on the whole internet ... I actually mean 
... a blog at least one person finds interesting and has  less than 200 followers.

The next award so graciously bestowed upon me was the ...
Versatile Blogger Award.

I think this one is similar to the  Liebster Blog Award  
... in that it is recognizing a
 "small blog that tries harder."
I do like the "versatile" part ... it makes me seem very 
hmmmm .... well .... versatile.

Thank you guys so much.  I do sincerely appreciate you guys 
for nominating me.   It means that ...
somebody actually reads my blog occasionally.
Hopefully ... one of these days ... I may finally have more than
90 followers ... but you 90 are the best!

Okay ... part of the deal is to lay out a few
 Random Facts About Me.

               1.  I've broken 6 bones over the years ... including my back and knee cap.  
                                                 ***One of which involved falling off my roof***

               2.  My favorite television series ... The West Wing ... although I hate politics.  Go figure.

               3.  I eat peanut butter every single day.  Okay that really makes me sound weird.  Oh well.

               4.  When I was younger ... I lived in Yosemite National Park.  I love bears.

               5.  A few years ago I lost 75 pounds in 6 months.  I call it my Peanut Butter Diet.
***This is the reason for # 3***
Okay enough trivia for now.

The second requirement ... "re-bestow" the award
***yes I made that word up***
to other bloggers of the ...
"less than 200 followers" variety. 

Here's to you ... my friends.

Monica @ Life as I Know It
Jack & (Heather) @ Jack's Blog
Stephanie @ Faith, Family, Love
Dana @ Make Them Wonder
Christy @ Menemini

I know I like to have fun on my blogs ... most of the time 
... but I truly do appreciate you guys that take
the time to read my stuff.
You tell yourself that it doesn't matter ... that you write your
blog just for yourself ...
but deep down ... we all want someone to like what we do.

By the way ... is there any award dinner or anything?
I have to find something to wear.


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1 comment:

Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said...

Sounds like there's money to be made off of your peanut butter diet! You should share the details. Thanks for nominating me, Becky!

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