Tuesday Love ... Newport Beach

Tuesday, March 6

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***Yours truly ... Bryn ... Nick (Kai's boyfriend) ... Kai ... Julio (the hubs)***

I love the ocean !
Lucky for me I live in California ... cuz ... we just happen to have one.
My two sons went to college in  Santa Barbara ... awesome beach town.
My daughter went to college and lives in  La Jolla ... another awesome beach town.

Today ... my boys ...  now college graduates  ***yay*** ... call
Newport Beach  their home.
Have you been there?   OMG!

I love me some Newport Beach.

But actually I'm not gonna show you the great beach ... 
the great weather ... or the great shopping today.
Strange as it may sound ... I'm gonna show you a great apartment complex.
Meet  Bryn ... middle child.
***He's single...ladies!***

Welcome to Bryn's home.
***M is for Mercado ... sounds like a novel title***

Bryn works from home ... how would you like to work
all day with this view?

The grounds and landscaping here are unbelievably beautiful.

This lake winds and falls throughout the entire complex.

Seems like there should be a couple of gondolas gliding through here.

Every unit faces the water in some aspect.

Waterfalls ... fountains ... water level drops ...

... but what really blows me away are his  neighbors.

Schools of huge  fish ... enormous  turtles ... 

and birds ... birds ... birds.
This  crane  that calls this home is breathtaking.
It's like a flipping zoo!

Don't get me wrong.  I would die to have
a home with an ocean view ...
but as that is pretty unlikely ... this complex is amazing!

Anyway ... you can imagine how I hate visiting.
Yeah ... and I don't love ... the beach or the shopping either.
Oh ... and I forgot to mention the  BIG DRAW  in Newport Beach ...

My grandbaby ... Parker!

I love Newport Beach!
Did I say that already ....

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Kai.Mercado. said...

What about San Diego??? :)

p.s. I tagged you in my post today!

Brittany Campbell said...

That complex looks like a little bit of heaven! I love Newport too. I grew up 20 minutes from there and I still think its wonderful. I am missing that warm sunshine right now!

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