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Monday, March 19

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My love for music began with  The Beatles.

Most of you are too young to appreciate the absolute 
landslide and hysteria 
these guys caused.

Paul .....
almost everyone was in love with Paul.
He was the "cute" one ... and just a look at that smile make me weep.

George .....
well ... not many picked George as their favorite ...
but they all swooned when he played the guitar.

John .....
John seemed like the bad boy ... and well ... we all seem 
to secretly love bad boys.  He and Paul were the creative force of the group
... and together wrote most of the group's music.

Ringo .....
Ringo was the quirky drummer.  I don't remember anyone 
thinking he was cute ... but there was just something about him ...
when he shook his hair ... that made us go craaaazy.

As you can see ... I managed tried to carefully preserve my precious
Beatles' magazines.  
***of course I had to remember where I put them first***

I don't think there was any magazine in the world ...  the boys
were not on the cover of.

I was able to save some of my memories ...
but there were lots more I just wasn't smart enough to keep.

I still have my Beatles' button though ... yes!
The bottom button was a souvenir ... we got when we bought
tickets to their first movie ...
"Hard Days Night".
***I must have snuck out...my dad was not a fan***
***Just kidding dad!***

My prized possession ... 
Official International Beatles' Club Membership Card.
Did you notice I was  Member #4?
***Even back then I guess I hated my picture...didn't put it on this card either***

Yes ... I was quite a fan ... actually the accurate term ...
I still have this Beatles' chain letter ... can't remember though if I ever got
my 250 Beatles' pictures.

I've seen a lot of musicians over the years ... and there have been some great ones.
I can say ... however ... that I've  never  seen the phenomenon
that was .......... The Beatles.

It was a part of history and of my youth.  We listened to our 
45's  until they were too scratched up to play anymore.
We screamed ... we wept ... we went crazy.
When they broke up ... we thought we'd die.

They were absolute  genius songwriters.
They were so radical with their long hair ... 
they drove our parents crazy ...
and we thought they were so cool.

We never in our wildest dreams ... thought they'd end up as
elevator music ...
but hey ... I guess that just marks them as  true classic artists.
..... sigh ......

Any Beatles' fans out there?



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Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Becky!!!!! Fab post!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Beatles!
I have a little memorabilia, and George always reminded me of my dad, so he was my fave! I almost named Memphis "Harrison" after him, it was going to be one or the other!
Love this!! ♥

Monica said...

Wow you were a beatles fan! That is so cool that you still have all that stuff!

Kai.Mercado. said...

My drawing looked exactly like this!

Megan10e said...

Huge Beatles fan here! And Lena, I have the same idea for if I have another son (using Harrison)!

Megan10e said...

Huge Beatles fan here! And Lena, I have the same idea for if I have another son (using Harrison)!

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