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Friday, March 23

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"Something Sweet"

This weeks' photo challenge is happening over at ...
In case you hadn't guessed ... the theme this week is ... "Something Sweet."

Now ...  I'm no professional photographer ... or art critic ...
but if this picture isn't the epitome of ...
... well I just don't know.

Parker Rhodes Mercado
is truly 
"Something Sweet"

.... his grandma says so.

Our Reflection Weekly Photo Challenge

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Monica said...

Oh My Gosh Becky that is an awesome photo! Did you take it?

JenniferAStreet said...

That is a SUPER sweet photo.. but not gonna a lie, as a mama to two boys, I have a soft spot for lil boy baby faces :)I'm a new follower.

Jen- Queen Bee's Hive

Bethany said...

Holy smokes he is a cutie! Bet you have a blast with him :)

Brooke said...

that's a great photo Becky! what a sweetie!

Welcome! said...

Adorbs!!! I just wanna pinch those cheeks!!


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