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Saturday, March 3

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I kinda like 
 pictures of people taking pictures ... 
for me ... there's a particular bonus here ...
I get to hide behind the camera.
I call it the "Mr. Wilson Strategy."
***You remember the guy who lived next door to Tim the Toolman***
We never got to see Mr. Wilson's head cuz he was always behind something.

Ya get the picture?
***a little pun there***
Needless to say ... I don't like pictures of myself ...
so the "Mr. Wilson Strategy"  works well for me.
Anyhoo ...

Linking up today over at  Reflections ... on this very subject.

Here is one of my pictures from my February Photo Challenge.
***Recognize anyone in the background?***

Well since you can't see my face behind the camera anyway ... 
I don't know why you would be able to recognize me.
Oh ... and this painting is like 30 years old.
***take my word for it though...I still look just like this***

Here's how I got the reflection.
I took my own picture ... looking into this great looking mirror ...
with my back to the fireplace and the painting.
***notice how my painting is reversed by the mirror?***

If I hadn't been there myself ... I probably wouldn't know how I did it.

Ever since I purchased my new  Nikon ... I've had a lot of fun trying new
things ... and learning all I can.
I'm still a beginner ... but someday... who knows ...
maybe I'll actually learn what all the settings are for.

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Laura Hernandez said...

This is fantastic Becky! I love how you explained what you were doing to create the photo. Thank for linking up! This is a weekly photo challenge and the next theme will be announced on Tuesday. ^_^

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Very cool Becky! I love everything about this photo & post! :-)

melifaif said...

Hope your mother is still improving...many blessings.

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