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Tuesday, March 13

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Our backyard patio has always been a work in progress.

The first step ... remove the aluminum roof in favor of this
 open-air wooden slat version.
The floor used to be a slick green concrete ... but we laid Mexican pavers
right over the top to create warmth and character.

These great rattan loungers were an amazing Ebay purchase.
Even the hand made pottery made a huge difference.
But the long patio ... over 70 feet in length ... needed a little breaking up.

I added muslin curtains to divide the long space into more intimate areas.
***some of these before pictures are a bit old***

This area became our outdoor television room with the addition
of this armoire.

This area became an outdoor dining room.
***oops...should have ironed this***

Even the gate to the backyard got a pair of curtains.
They can be pulled completely closed for total privacy ...
or left tied open to catch an evening breeze.
***funny just noticed how much my raggedy gate needs attention***

Dividing your outside space into cozy nooks ... can definitely
make your patio more enjoyable and interesting.
Drapery can be that"unexpected" element that
gives your outdoor environment the character and uniqueness it may be lacking ...
as well as soften the total affect.

Don't be afraid to take indoor elements ... outdoors ...
  ... just make sure they aren't

... to be continued ...
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Lindsey @ Better After said...

Gorgeous! It looks straight out of a magazine now! Great job Becky!

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