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Sunday, March 25

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Ain't it the truth!

Today I'm joining in the ...
I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop....
Welcome to my house new friends :)

Usually around here Monday means ...
"Good Morning Monday Music"
So sit back and enjoy your wake up music.
I always like to introduce and educate  you slightly-younger-than-me followers ...
in my ... vintage ...  retro ... okay  "oldies"  taste in fine music.

"Pink Cadillac"
Natalie Cole

This little ditty ought to get your motors running ...
***pun intended***
written by ... bet you didn't know this ... Bruce Springsteen ... "The Boss"  himself.
I love this song ... awesome dance music.

Well  ... thanks for dropping by... hope you have a chance to stick around awhile
 and check out my corner of the blogisphere.

What's your favorite "oldie"?

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