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Thursday, March 22

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I'm so excited .... 
***This is what's known as a teaser ... a trailer if you will.***

Good news ....... Bad news!

Bad news  ...  my birthday is here.     Good news  ...  my kids came to visit
... and they brought with them  ...
a wonderful ... marvelous ... and extremely unexpected

A Silhouette Cameo!

Ok ... well to be honest it wasn't a  complete  surprise .
According to my daughter ... Complicated Kai ... I've been dropping hints for weeks.

Look at her ... isn't she a beauty?
I don't know how many blogs I've read glorifying this marvelous gizmo.
I can't count how many give-a-ways I've entered ... hoping to win her.
And now ... she's all mine.

Can you read the happiness on my face?
I can't wait to create incredible projects and exquisite gifts for friends and family.
I'll add hundreds of unique gifts to my Etsy Shop ... have thousands of admirers ...
do guest appearances ... make millions of dollars ... and retire to my own island .
Thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... to my children.
However did you know?

Ok ... now what do I do?
Oh crap ... now I have to read the directions!
Why did I want this again?

Mrs Stephanie T
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Monica said...

Happy Late Birthday My Friend! Looks like your kidos did good!! If I were you I would let your husband read the directions! lol that's what there for right?

Jules said...
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Jules said...

I just found your blog....now for the life of me I can't remember what string of key strokes got me here, but "me likey"! I hope that you will continue to give updates on how you love your new Cameo...I have an original Cricut that I have "on loan" (permanently) from my mom. I don't know how I ever scrapbooked without it. Within a year or so, I see something new in my future. Just trying to figure out if I am going to stick with Cricut or branch out. I look forward to following your blog!

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