Monday Music ...I'm a Believer/The Monkees

Sunday, March 4

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"I'm a Believer"
The Monkees

Good Monday morning chickadees ...
Hope today finds you happy and well.

Today's retro lesson ... The Monkees.

These guys were favorites of mine ... and they made good music ...
which goes without saying or they wouldn't make my  Monday Music  cut.
But ... they were also fun and quirky ... and didn't take themselves too seriously.

***look at those ginormous belts***
Did you know they were a group that was brought together by a music producer?
They didn't even know each other before they were chosen ...
kind of a "Making the Band"  from the sixties.
They even had their own television show ... called ... ironically ...
"The Monkees"
My friends and I loved to watch the show.  We thought they were so cute.
So I'm sure you guys have heard today's song before ... but how many of you
knew this song before Shrek?
Well bubble-gum or not ... the  Monkees  made great music!

Sadly ... last week we lost one.
Davy Jones ... 66 ... died of a heart attack.

R. I. P.  ...   Davy Jones

Hug someone special to you this morning and have a blessed week.

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Jamie said...

Loved the Monkeys! We all had crushes on Davy! Remember when he was on the Brady Bunch to see Marsha, who had a huge crush on him?

melifaif said...

Love that sweet Davy.

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