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Wednesday, March 21

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Apartment Rescue Project One ... 

This was the first piece of furniture I made for my daughter's college dorm room ...
complete with headboard.
 When she moved into her new apartment ... however ... she needed a change.
***of course***
I loved the original colors ... but change it up we did.

So from the black headboard with the glass buttons ...

... to the warm grey with accents of  turquoise and red.
The grey bedding ... courtesy of Restoration Hardware ... my favorite.
***getting pretty pricey these days though***

The first step in this room ... was to turn the ugly rough white paneling ....
into a much more interesting grey and white backdrop.

To be honest ... I took the easy way out ...  and left the recessed narrow stripes white ...
then just painted the raised boards the warm grey.
It looks so very nice ... I almost feel guilty taking credit ... since I was just being lazy.

The prints were a purchase from  Etsy  that we framed in matching black frames.

 I created the original headboard from  plywood ... wrapped in batting.

Material was tightly stretched and stapled to the back.

Buttons were sewed and secured through holes drilled through the plywood.

I used the warm ... soft ... grey fleece for the fabric.
It's not only soft but easy to work with.
To top it off I sewed on a loosely tied bow made from extra pieces of fleece.

Kind of feminine ... but not too.
***does that make sense?***

As an extra bonus ... I used the same grey fleece to create a  puppy crate cover.
Since it was going to be in the same room as the bed ...
of course ... it had to coordinate.

Yes ...  as you can see ... no bow.
It was too feminine I guess ... so she removed it.
Go figure ... someone tell her no one messed with the Mona Lisa.
Anyway ... she was the paying client ............ wait ... check that ... 
I'm pretty sure I didn't get paid .... hmmm.

By the way ... don't you love the crystal light?  
We found this on sale at a warehouse for a great price.
I think this is a great "classic" design  that can fit into many decors.

Well that's it for now.
We're off to a great start .... however ...
there's much more to the apartment rescue.
Are you kidding .... it's like giving me a blank canvas.

Project 1 ........  THE BED

Project 3 ........ RECOVER THE HEADBOARD
***of course and paint and make a crate cover ......***

You really can't say one is good and one is bad ... but we all need to change 
things up from time to time .

Stay tuned .... there's still a lot of canvas in her
apartment to fill.

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Ly said...

I love the headboard. I've always wanted one like that but they're so darn expensive :(


melifaif said...

SO fab!!! Loving that room divider. The fabric is great!!!

Angelina said...

Awesome headboards. Fabulous designs. I also found wide range of new headboards on cheap prices at http://www.dreambedroom.co.uk/compare_headboards.html

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

LOVE this and can't believe how amazing that all is! Wish my mom had done something like that for my first apartment! : ) Can't wait to check out the rest of your apartment rescue!

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

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