Aliens in the Desert

Thursday, March 15

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This past weekend ...  I was heading toward Palm Springs.
 Just after passing Tehachapi ... nearing the Mojave Desert ...
***Lovely isn't it? (not)..... I saw you roll your eyes!***
I came upon an eerie sight!

Up there on the hilltops ... what is that?  The aliens have landed.

Lined up in row after row like enormous  Storm Troopers ...

Slowly rotating ... around and around.

Looking as if they could take flight at any moment.

Standing erect ... ever turning ...

... creating a perimeter ... a line of defense.

Taller than the tallest telephone pole.

Oh my gosh ... there are  legions and legions  of them.
Are they  draining the life blood  from our precious earth?
Are they  communicating to their mother ship?
Are they  watching us ... primed to attack?

I'm freaking out!

Do you know?  
Perhaps ... you can find out  HERE.

Leave me a comment ... let me know what you think.
Feel free to leave it in code ... you can't be too safe.

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