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Friday, February 17

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What a trip!


Knock Off Decor  featured my post on the
bed I made for my daughter Kai.
It was a copy of a  very  expensive version from
Pottery Barn.

If you missed it ... you need to write me a  2 page letter  
about why you  didn't read it   ........   just kidding 
... but if you missed my original post ...
click right ... almost ... not quite yet ...

As a result of the feature ... I've gotten quite a few comments.
***all very positive thank you***
Several lovely commenters ... 
***and thank you for commenting***
wanted to know a bit more details about the construction.

So since I didn't have any DIY shots of the construction ...
I  decided to draw up a few plans for you.
***Mind you ... this was about 12:00 midnight.***
I grabbed my sketch pad and went to town.

I'm taking a watercolor class ... okay... well I haven't actually started it yet ...
as you can probably tell ... but I decided to use this drawing as practice for my class.
Please be kind ... it was ... after all  midnight ... and I was  drawing in bed.

I started by constructing 3  boxes out of ... I believe ... 2 x 3 lumber.
The height would be the height you want the bed to be off the floor ...
and the length and width would be determined by the size of your mattress.

Apply thick pieces of plywood on 5 sides ... leaving the front open.
After you nail or screw these together ... it should be pretty strong.
***Boy my perspective was off here...sorry***

This is 1 of your rectangular cubes.  Repeat the process two more times.
You need a total of 3 cubes.

Lay your 3 cubes together in this fashion. 
Don't worry about the gap between 2 and 3 ... no way around it.
It will be covered in the next step anyway ... and it's still plenty strong.
 Oh ... as you can see ... 
well maybe you can't from this crude drawing ... 
I added bead board on the ends that would show ...
and different moldings to decorate the fronts ... and of course paint.

The final ... construction ... step is to 
cover the entire 3 cubes with a nice piece of thick plywood.
You can see at this point ... the length and width you make your cubes
will be determined by how wide and long your mattress is.
I made my base just a few inches longer and wider ...  than the actual size 
of the mattress ... just for a bit of leeway.
It does take a bit of math ... but not too hard to figure out.

I painted my top piece of plywood ... just in case it shows beneath the mattress.
***Of course the yellow isn't what I used...just wanted to keep the steps separate***

At this point I added a padded headboard and of course baskets if you want ...
or the cloth containers if you're on a budget.

But that's it ... at least I think I've covered it all.
Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.

Need measurements ...
See HERE for the latest DIY and measurements!

Thanks again to Knock Off Decor 
for the feature ... and especially to all of  you  who took the time to
comment.  It really means a lot.

Stay tuned ... I have a lot more projects in mind to show you!

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Nikki said...

Wow! That's awesome girl :) It looks BEAUTIFUL!

Ashley Marie said...

Wow. Get it girl!

C.LEE said...

That is incredible! I love that you made it yourself! Way to go! It looks great and I am sure she is enjoying it a lot! Glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours :)

tara said...

wow!! that looks amazing!!

lauren said...

I absolutely love this!! Showing it to my man as a project for his new drill! Woo hoo!

Jamie.Lee said...

LOVE this bed! I really want to try it. About how much did it cost you to make this?

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for this DIY. Did you do a queen or full bed? I would love to get measurements if you have them. About to redo my preteen's room and this will be great for it. Also, do you have a DIY on the cute headboard?

Cat M. said...

I wanna know how to do the headboard or is that bought?? Thanks!

Brandy said...

This is incredible! I'm trying to convince my husband to build me one. :)

Kate Hanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate Hanna said...

Going to do this for MY daughter Kai!!! :)

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