The Ugly Bathroom ... Before

Friday, February 3

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This bathroom is stuck in the 50's.
I think I'll rip it down to the studs ... put in a nice antique piece of 
furniture ... drop some marble sinks in ... add some great new out-of-this-world
faucets and ... let's see what else.

This overhead flourescent lighting really ... really sucks!

I also hate old-fashioned medicine cabinets.  You can't see ... cuz there's no
way I'm opening it ... but take my word for it ... 
the inside is dis ... gusting.

Now I have seen worse floors ... but these bad boys ... or wanna be tiles ...
are failing miserably.

This is not actually my mirror ... but I forgot to take a picture.  
I have a long ugly mirror ... minus the sort-of redeeming frame.
It's gotta go too.

The pink sinks ... well I'm sure they were very hot at one time ... but they just
aren't floating my boat any more.

So the best move would be just to gut it.  The ideas I have .....
Reality check ....
I have no budget.  So ... what can I do to achieve the 
furniture looking vanity ... with all the fine additions I crave?

Well ... today is the  First Friday  of the month ....
Stay tuned!
The  Before & After  to come the  Last Friday of February.

I hope you think it'll be worth the wait.

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Cole said...

Your bathroom is still way prettier than mine! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

biggestlittleblog said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom and all your tips! I am looking to do some upgrades soon so pass on the knowledge.

Lisa Scibilia said...

Listen girl, I know you've got it in you to take this from stuck in the 50s to vintage cool!! I'd love a nice antique piece of furniture with a marble sink and beautiful faucet too....but it's not happening any time I'm all about distracting the eye from the ugly in my bathroom! :)

PS Cote de Texas featured the most amazing home yesterday, and it has a pink should check it out.

Thanks for linking up to Before & After....looking forward to your after!

Jean @ Flower Hill said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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