Ten Things To do This Tuesday...

Tuesday, February 21

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I actually need to  read  and organize my  PINS.
I love  PINTEREST ...  but if Pins could accumulate dust ... well you know.
Of course this could take me all day ... and then I'll never get to 2 - 10.

I need to dust off my bike and get some exercise!

I need to give my sweetie Blake a hair cut ... or at least a good brushing.
Bad momma.

I seriously need to add my new items to my  ETSY Shop.
Such a slacker.

I need to clean out my closet ... a total makeover wouldn't hurt either.

I really ... really need to get gas ... again!
Yikes ... $3.95 a gallon ... maybe just 2 gallons for now.

Clean the bathrooms ... yeah ... well I may move that down
on the list a bit.   No hurry.

I gotta water my plants.  I am seriously so lazy 
when it comes to watering.  I'll spend tons of money on my
pottery and plants ... and then refuse to water them.
What's wrong with me?

Purchase some yummy  Carne Asada Tacos  for dinner.
No ... I won't be cooking them.  
I am a craftsman ... not a cook.
***Did that sound convincing?***
This is one item on this list that will definitely get done!

Possibly the best part of my Tuesdays ... watch
NCIS Los Angeles.  
These guys are awesome ... and I'm including Hedy!

Well ... now that I've wasted part of my Tuesday already ... I'd better get crackin.

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Mamasita said...

Great list!!!!! :)
Those tacos sound AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!
** visiting from MOM2MemphisAndRuby!
Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

Ashley said...

My closet looked just like yours for a long time! I finally started re organizing and getting rid of things! I am with ya on the watering plants too. I am so bad at it; I kill everything!

Jennifer said...

mmmmm carne asada.. I wish there was a place that sold good carne asada here!

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