Removing an Eyesore...a new roof

Thursday, February 16

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When we moved into our house one of the things I hated most ...
this super ugly aluminum patio cover
 It ran the entire length of the patio in a never-ending wave of aluminum horror.

Check out the edging ... this scalloped edge was worse than the wavy cover.
***Sorry about these old photos ... forgot to take before pictures***

I finally bit the bullet and ripped that sucker out. 
 Beams gone ... roof gone ...  disgusting scalloped edging gone!
I actually was able to recycle the aluminum at the local recycling center ...
it was the only bonus there was for that eyesore.

The fun came when I went to the Depot ... 
***I'm there so much I can call it by it's nickname***
I bought a nail gun and a circular table saw.  Power tools ... yes!!
Do I foresee a trip to the Emergency Room

Using brackets ... I attached cross beams from the eaves to the one remaining metal beam.
Then the fun part ... I used the  nail gun  to secure the slats to the cross beams ... 
added a little paint ... and

wham bam thank you ma'am ...  a glorious new roof!

 Time to start accessorizing.  First up ... some oversized glazed pottery.
***You know how I love the oversized accessory***
A bit pricey ... but they make a great statement.

I've always loved the Mediterranean feel of outdoor drapery ... so I installed 
some muslin drapes to divide the long patio into separate outdoor rooms.

Had  to have a fountain!  I am obsessed with the sound of water.
Purchased this lovely and the glazed pottery together ...  great outdoor pottery store.
This fountain had to be delivered and installed ... super heavy.

Finally I ordered these two loungers from Ebay.  It was my first Ebay purchase ...
and I was not disappointed.  The new roof ... along with the drapes ... 
the pottery ... the fountain ... and these super wicker loungers
really set the Mediterranean feel I wanted.

Why ever did I wait so long.
And no trip to the Emergency Room ... at least not yet.

                  Before                                                   After
Much better ... I now I can really enjoy my patio.

Next time I'll tell you about the time I fell off the roof.
You won't want to miss that.


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Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Becky, this is an amazing transformation! I remember these vintage awnings! Your new one is amazing! You did an outstanding job! I'm now following! I look forward to more great ideas!

Bethany said...

This looks fantastic! I am obsessed with those chairs :)

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I LOVE it!
You guys did a wonderful job... makeovers are fun (especially when nobody ends up in the ER!! haha)
Thanks for linking up!

Ryan Ace said...

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