Oversized Mirrors ... an obsession!

Monday, February 13

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via Wanelo
I'm a nut for 
Oversized  Accessories 
.... especially a
 gigantic oversized mirror.
***for me the bigger the better***
Pam over at  Simple Details ...  did a post on the
"10 odd yet essential elements of style ... mirrors"

I loved her comments and great photographs
... and I just had to add a couple more.

You don't need to have a large room to use a oversized mirror.
You may be surprised at how even a tiny bathroom ... can become
spectacular  with a huge vintage mirror leaning against the wall.
Not only does it actually make the room seem larger rather than too crowded ...
it also ... 
adds the element of  "surprise" or the "unexpected".

Another accessory you can pair with a large wall mirror is an
extra large painting or perhaps a wreath ...

This is my parents' home and I love ... love ...  love this 
oversized painting they have hanging on this mirrored wall.

I think the demure nature and tone of this piece of art ... 
helps keep the painting from dominating the room.  It is a focal point ...
to be sure ... but its 
size really creates interest.

With this great furniture and gorgeous baby grand piano ...
you wouldn't want one item to overshadow the entire room ... and here
the  oversized mirror ...  and  oversized painting  give the room
depth ... and really pop with drama.

So don't be afraid to go oversized with your accessories.

The "unexpected" really enhances your decor ...
gives importance to the pieces
... and creates dramatic interest in the room.

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pam {simple details} said...

You're right,Becky, it makes such a statement! Beautiful room!

Jo said...

Love these!!!

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