DIY ... Re-reupholstering a Room Divider

Wednesday, February 22

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My daughter knows who to call when she needs things for her apartment ...
and we both know ... I'm not a very hard sell when it comes
to redecorating projects.
She claims she doesn't have the "creative gene" but I'm guessing
it's easier to just pass it off to someone ... her mom ... who's
a  DIY nut.
***card carrying***

Starting small ... I decided to repurpose a few things from her 
room here at home.

I purchased this room divider several years ago ...
at a thrift store for $15.

I decided to turn it into a bulletin board ... by attaching thick poster board ...
and as you'll see ...  it has seen several color changes since then.

Step 1.   Pop off the fabric covered boards
... back to the bare naked truth.  

Step 2.   Assemble the tools ...  ya don't need a lot
***Notice its previous lives***

Step 3.   Lay the board onto your fabric. 
Begin carefully stretching and stapling the fabric.
Start in the center of one side ... staple ... then repeat on opposite side
... back and forth ... side to side.

Step 4.   Hospital corners.

Step 5.   Finish stapling all around.

Step 6.   Using Liquid Glue ... or similar product ...
slather the back of that puppy up.
***Is slather a word?***

Step 7.   Glue the boards back onto the divider.
I wanted to make sure everything would dry flat ... so I used the
method all distinguished designers use ... 
outdated Encyclopedias.
***Why do I still have those?***

There it is!
I really like the new fabric ... a nice contrast with the white wood.

Step 8.    After taking the  "After Picture"  ...  get started on
my daughter's next assignment ...
pillows ... drapes ... and night stand.
***Fabric's all ready and neatly displayed for a dramatic finishing vignette.***

Yeah ... we're just getting started here.
Stay tuned!

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1 comment:

A party and A HALF said...

These are the posts that I read and wish I had a crafty mom. Seriously, or at least got some kind of craft gene.

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