Monday Music ... I Got U Babe/Sonny & Cher

Monday, February 27

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"I Got You Babe"
Sonny & Cher

Wake up .... it's Monday! 
A little more music to start your week off on the "good foot".
Time for another lesson from the  Yoda of Oldies ... me.

These guys are so cool and very ... very "retro".
***although at that time they were actually "new"...  not retro***

I still have this picture Cher gave me.
When I was a very ... very... very young Yoda ... I got to interview Sonny & Cher
and meet with them back stage at one of their concerts.
It was "totally groovy!"

Now that's what I call bell bottoms!
They were total  fashion icons ... and really had a huge impact on style.

Yes ... I did wear bell bottoms ... they were pretty wild too.
I swore ... once I got rid of those things ... I would never wear them again.

Never say never!

Along comes   Rachel Zoe ...  and guess what?
I'm totally wearing bell bottoms again ...
and guess what else ...
 I own a fur vest ...  a huge shaggy fur coat ...
and  4 inch platforms!         Bananas!

You guys can call them  "flairs"  if you want ... but bite the bullet ... 
they   are  really  bell bottoms!

Well you got a little fashion bonus today
Monday Music Oldies  and  Mod Fashion 101.

Have a Great Week!

***Please don't write and tell me my pants and vest are now out ... I'm still wear'n them***

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